Virtual + Augmented Reality Hackathon

The VR Hackathon is an annual event held in Lausanne. Coders, designers, artists and creative minds gather around new devices and new ideas to create innovative projects in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality during the first week-end of december

The 2019 edition is over. It was amazing!
See you in 2020!

Here is everything you need to know!


The VR/AR Hackathon is an annual event held in Lausanne. Coders, designers, artists and creative minds gather around new devices and new ideas to create innovative projects during the first week-end of december.

The VR/AR Hackathon will be held for the third year and a maximum of 40-50 participants is expected.


Friday nov 29-30 + dec 1 2019!


EPFL - Lausanne- Switzerland
The EPFL ArtLab will host the welcome and award ceremony
The Romande Energie SmartLAb will be where we will be holding the hackathon.


- Main Prize:
Winners* will go to the MIT in January to participate at the MIT VR/AR hackathon (
- Tickets to get a chance to win a Space Travel (provided by Swiss Space Tourism)
- Boris Otter's book
- Real Space food
- One year membership to SSVAR (

Food, drinks, and sleeping

We provide food and non-alcoolic drinks, breakfast and snacks.
Sleeping is not provided (But can be arranged if needed)

Does it cost something?

We ask a participation of 10 CHF for the food catering


Bring your own Laptops or Computers if possible, we have electricity and Wifi
Also bring your VR AR devices if you have.

We will have some of the following devices
- HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus GO, Hololens, ARcore Android Smartphoones, Microsoft Hololens, YawVR prototype


We welcome every profile, coders, artists, designers, thinkerer, poets, etc.
Due to space limitations we limit the number of participants to 50 max.

You can come with your team or alone.
If you do not have a team and want to join one, fear not ! There will be a team-building session for people coming alone

The fun has never been so close!
Code-source + Licences + assets

Everything that you create belongs to you. You can create your own asssets, or use free + paid assets. You can start a commercial. Everything belong to you / your team.

Ready for hacking with us? Register!

You can visit the old webpages: 2018 - 2017


The welcome + award ceremony will be held at EPFL ArtLab
(friday evening + sunday late afternoon)

Station 10, CM 1468, Place Cosandey
EPFL, 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland

The hackathon will again be hosted by our fantastic partner
This will be our main "office" and hackathon place
during the whole week-end

Romande Energie SmartLab
Innovation Park, Building F
EPFL, 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland

Schedule (subject to changes)

Saturday 23 nov


Pre-event Workshops (optional)
- VRTK Toolkit for Unity Engine (more infos)
- Art creation with TiltBrush & GravitySketch(more infos)

Friday 29 nov


Participants arrival+registration.
Welcome drink at EPFL ArtLAb, networking, chattting.


Industry talks
Presentation and talks from SSVAR, AR app IndexAR, Boris Otter and ArtLab + Romande Energie


Kickoff + Rules presentation + Main Hackathon Theme revealed.


Team formations + brainstorming + start on project.

Saturday 30 nov


Breakfast + Coding/Designing/Thinking.


Lunch + Idea sharing / feedback.




Have some rest.

Sunday 1 dec


Final Hacking Day.


Stop working, hands off the keyboards mouse and XR devices !, chill-out break.


Presentation of projects + award ceremony at EPFL ArtLAb.


End of the Hackathon.

Registrations are now full

Sorry, we are now at maximum capacity.

If you still want to join the waiting list or had contacted us previously and want to register you can send us an email:  

Let's Get In Touch!

The Hackathon is organized by :
Olivier Amrein, Nicolas Jorand, Beat Gerber and Jean-Philippe Mohamed Sangaré

Still have questions? Not sure about something?
Want to become sponsor or partner? Get more informations here VR_hackathon2019_presentation.pdf